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Bridal Shower!

This really surprised me!

I thought Saturday was an ordinary day as I planned. Yes, as I PLANNED. My schedule is fixed most of the time. I know what will happen, what time it will happen, where it will happen and who will be involved when it happens. Whatever it is, I make sure it is planned and scheduled. Today is not an ordinary day.

Woke up early for breakfast, reviewed some stuff, prepared then went to SSS (Social Security System) office. They opened their offices during weekends this June for employers of househelpers. (FYI to all, we all have an obligation as per Kasambahay Law of the Philippines).

Afternoon was reserved for Gown Fitting. My beautiful gown is ready! I Love It! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Went back home to rest.

Babe asked me to prepare for a dinner date. This is not really unusual because everyday is Valentine’s Day for us ♥ From my condo we went to normal route going to Podium via Julia Vargas. I just asked him why we’re turning left instead of going straight to open parking near St. Francis. Then he told me we’ll just have dinner in Linden Suites. Why here?!

Went up to a room. Then he left me!

I opened the door, the lights were off and my Gosh there’s a guy in black sando! I can’t clearly see his eyes because his head was covered by paper bag mask. OMG! I want to run outside!!!


Thanks to the event organizers and friends for this!!! My special friends from Accenture up to JP Morgan. I Love You Ladies!

Whatever we talked about stays inside that room! Haha!!!

Thank YOU!!!


Oh noh! Belated!

Belated Happy Monthsarry to Arman and I. No flowers, no celebrations yesterday. We’re both busy. We know the reason is invalid. I felt kinda dramatic and emotional while driving home from work. How I wished there’s a surprise waiting! None… but my 2 puppies still made me smile as I opened the door.

Most of the time… It’s the small things that really matters. So my advice to all couples, never forget special events!

Anyway, everything is all set for our wedding. Yey!

We’re just waiting for fitting and delivery of female entourage gowns. Bridesmaid Tin is in charge of this. 1st set of gowns will be finished by June 15, 2013. Final batch will be completed by June 22, 2013.

Love and Music

The Manila Philharmonic Orchestra will serenade our special guests on our wedding day.

“Bringing Classical Music to your heart”

The Manila Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the Philippines’ versatile orchestras, both in its breadth of repertoire styles and its flexibility of size as a full symphony or chamber orchestra. Founded in 1996, MPO has distinguished itself as one of the leading orchestras in the country through over a decade of well-applauded live performances, records, tours and innovative programs of bringing the orchestra closer to the communities. The strong backbone of MPO is the solid passion for music.

 Backed by the finest talents, the group has admirably proven the principle that music is a gift for all and not just for the chosen few. What, with number of successful concerts in the portfolio and the competitive track records of its members, both locally and internationally. The MPO creates the bridge between the orchestra and the audience by participating in music-related activities – from corporate events to stage musicals to special personal events.   To date, MPO has more than 400 concerts and has partnered with more than 100 known establishments from various industries. It has created its name through its cutting edge concert concepts that featured top-caliber international and local artists.